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  1. Forget about failure, but remember the lessons of failure.


  2. The running of life does not depend on who starts first, but on the persistence on the way. If you give up halfway, all your previous efforts are in vain. Only by working hard and persisting, can you get the results you want.


  3. Loneliness in life is a kind of power. People who can stand loneliness can get freedom; If you can't bear loneliness, you will be restrained by others.


  4. Youth is the only time when we have the right to weave our dreams.


  5. If you have no foresight, you will have immediate worries. When people are good, they should find a spare tire, and when people are bad, they should find a way out; People should find a way out when they are happy and a way out when they are frustrated.


  6. Live with love, you will make yourself happy! Working with love will make many people happy.


  7. The three most unpalatable bowls of noodles in life: human face, human face and scene.


  8. Success is not the goal, making yourself happy is the meaning.


  9. Love is a fly playing with ants, not for a while.


  10. Forget the past and start over.


  11. Please remember: "if you have no one to rely on, you need to rely on yourself; if you have no one to love, you need to love yourself more; the colder the world is, the more sunshine there is in your heart.


  12. Regardless of success or failure, we all have reason to cheer for ourselves.


  13. Success is never natural, success is forced out.


  14. Don't let life stay in the present. From now on, change your circle of friends, position, mentality and thinking, to find a better life and shape a better yourself.


  15. Every blow is the test of life, and every bump is the experience of life. I am my own distance, and struggle is my direction. What is more magnificent than dreams is your persistence.


  16. Ultimately, you can become what you believe. Because the two most terrible words in the world are persistence and seriousness. Serious people change themselves and persistent people change their fate. Praise yourself for being serious and persistent.


  17. If there is a shadow in front of you, it is because there is sunshine behind you.


  18. A person who understands and makes full use of leeway is in all likelihood a winner. And a strong general and a person who always has a pure purpose will often run into a wall soon. Guojianhua.


  19. The reason why life is different is that we have different ideas, because we have different definitions of opportunities and challenges, whether we choose to face bravely or choose to escape passively. As for the result, we dare not make an absolute judgment, but these two kinds of life tell us a very clear truth, the first kind of people still have hope, and the second kind of people are only disappointed.


  20. Without the fertile soil of struggle, the seeds of talent will not find the future of spring and autumn fruits.


  21. Never stop smiling, even when you are sad, someone may fall in love with your smile one day.


  22. If someone around you is jealous of you, you can exclude him from your competitors. It is difficult for a jealous person to achieve great things.


  23. Sincerely, the other half of the word "sincerity" is success.


  24. Tenacity is a major factor of success. As long as you knock on the door long enough and loud enough, you will eventually wake up.


  25. The telescope can see the distant target, but it can't replace you. No matter how fertile the soil is, it will not produce crops, no matter how hard it is, no matter how beautiful it is, no matter how beautiful it is, no matter how beautiful it is, it will not produce fruits.


  26. When you can't jump from the first floor to the third floor, don't forget to take the stairs. Remember that great success is often not achieved overnight. You must learn to decompose your goals and implement them step by step.


  27. When a person comes to this world, his fate determines that he must work hard, struggle, persist, bravely go on and walk out of his own path. No one can get something for nothing. God has given you precious life, so you must persist in your life, fight until the last second, and burn the flame of life.


  28. Success is the exertion of advantages, and failure is the accumulation of disadvantages.


  29. Success is not unique in the future, but continues to accumulate from the moment you decide to do it.


  30. The real joy of life is to commit to a goal that you think is great.


  31. Life is a process of spending time all the time. When time is spent, life will come to an end.


  32. The real tenacity should be complete when crying, happy when laughing, incisive when speaking, and don't hesitate when doing. A person who knows why he lives can endure any life.


  33. A generous person never regrets what doesn't belong to him anymore.


  34. In the future, you will be grateful to yourself who is struggling hard now.


  35. There is no retreat in life. As long as we are willing to learn, any experience is a chapter we need to understand.


  36. After being honed by the sea, the pebbles become more beautiful and smooth.


  37. It is not brave to advance without torrents, and it is not climbing without mountains.


  38. Use others' experience as your own reference; Set an example of others' success.


  39. If you don't clench your fist, you don't know how strong you are; If you don't clench your teeth, you don't know how hard you insist on it.


  40. A real cow is not a day, but a continuous, stable, rain or shine.


  41. In the face of ridicule, always try hard. Even if you can't break your cocoon and become a butterfly, you should also become a moth to shake the eyes of those people.


  42. Be indifferent to everything, cherish yourself, don't sink, and life will continue. The embellishment memory we once had has been cherished, the efforts we can grasp, and the unreachable learning to give up. We should learn to be satisfied in hardship and fatigue, and taste life in pain. We are the dancers of our own souls, and the most real and passionate audience is another self under the stage.


  43. Those who have aspirations realize their own ideals in persistent struggle; The incompetent, however, loses his youth in hesitation.


  44. In the fierce storm and rain, people should dare to crawl forward in the mud even if they are blown down. Despite all the hardships, even if they are overwhelmed, people should dare to stand up tenaciously under heavy pressure. Time condenses the past into memories. You can look back, but you can't turn back. Everything you encounter, farewell, ownership and loss are unalterable. Even if fate is unbearable, we must move forward.


  45. If there are miracles in the world, it is just another name for efforts.


  46. Life has a long way to go. Some roads can only be seen to be the most real beauty if they persist.


  47. I don't want to think about whether I can succeed. Since I chose to go far away, I only care about the wind and rain; I don't think about whether there will be cold wind and rain behind me. Since the goal is the horizon, what I leave to the world is only my back.


  48. A person's temperament always flows out of his speech and behavior. Elegance is not dressed up, but the condensation of experience; Indifference is not disguised, but the precipitation of life. You can't decide your appearance, but you can improve your thinking, knowledge and bearing. Time will make you old, and it can also make a beautiful soul more inspiring. May the years carve out a better you.


  49. For some roads, it doesn't matter where you go, but what you see on the road.


  50. Never let your dreams become dreams and thoughts.

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